Our Technology

Our experience in the early years of running businesses taught us that technology more often than not would constrain an organization rather than support its business strategy. Our focus on technology has enabled us to improve the flow of information within and between organizations and because we develop our own systems from the ground up, they enable rather than constrain us.

One-Size DOES NOT Fit All

Our assumption is that most business software is too complex, too simple or completely irrelevant for the organization using it. Organizations are way too complex for most off-the-shelf software products and services. As the business world grows more complex and digitally dependent, data is increasing in volume and capacity and most organizations are unable to use the data they gather to their advantage.

For this reason, we have placed our core emphasis on technology. Over 90% of the technology in use through our organizations is completely custom developed and built to communicate with our IntegraLink ERP system.

Harnessing the Data

As data pours in from transactions, market intelligence and organizational performance our IntegraLink system makes the data actionable and relevant to the organization as a whole. Continual data mining and a culture of constant improvement enables us to identify trends before they happen, more accurately forecast demand and plan for market slow-downs well before most other organizations recognize them.

Our gathering and analysis systems scrape and gather data from thousands of sources on a daily basis. Some data is from internal operations and some is from external sources and databases.

Connecting and Communicating

Our systems are more intelligent and efficient when they are directly integrated with our partners, vendors and customers. Our IntegraLink system has mutliple EDI (electronic data interchange) components that enables us to create efficiencies within the supply chain and limit problems with distribution, sales and changes in demand.

We place such a high level of importance on data interchanges and communication, to the degree that we develop tools for individual suppliers and provide them with access to specific modules within our IntegraLink system. When we share data throughout the supply chain, we operate more efficiently.