About Us

VeroDynamic was born out of necessity and is now the driving force of multiple businesses around the globe. We make logistics run more efficiently, we warehouse and distribute products throughout the world, we provide high levels of intelligence and automation to organizations and we offer comprehensive software solutions. Rather that focus on a set of industries or services, our core competency is efficiency and automation which can be implemented in most any business.


VeroDynamic was first established to build a set of software tools for the e-commerce industry. The founding partners discovered while testing their software that it was extremely robust and powerful and could extended well beyond the limits of e-commerce. They soon abandoned the idea of building a suite of tools which would be sold to e-commerce businesses and set out to create a fully functional ERP system based on the same principles used to create their early e-commerce suite of tools. The ERP system, algorithms and market intelligence have proven too valuable to sell and the founders decided to use their tools in a variety of businesses. Most of the businesses are wholly owned by VeroDynamic while a small few are partnerships and joint ventures.

Our Process

Business and systems that are large, complicated and inefficient are ideal targets for VeroDynamic. We evaluate supply chains, distribution channels and industry level business process and find ways to make them operate more efficiently. After finding prospective businesses and opportunities, we make radical changes to core processes and re-engineer the work-flow within and between organizations. At the center of these efforts are technology and software solutions to automate key processes while making the entire organization more intelligent and cohesive.

During our process engineering efforts we focus on these key areas:
  • Establish company values based on the CUSTOMER's needs
  • Use information technology to help the flow of information within the organization
  • Develop key performance metrics for the organization as a whole and sub units within the organization
  • Find ways to automate key processes with the use of technology
  • Establish a minimum viable product (MVP) and test within the market/industry
  • Keep iteration cycles short and change frequent while testing and developing